Our lead products
These products are key solutions and Blackbaud customizations for our Online Express, Raiser’s Edge and Blackbaud CRM clients. At SmartTHING we build for the real world.
SmartTELETHON enables a fundraising campaign in which donation taking is consistent and quick, because the data never leaves your Blackbaud software.


With SmartCALLHANDLER your telethon call handlers or supporter services teams have all they need at their fingertips to quickly and accurately take a donation whilst on a phone call.

Blackbaud website design


Create a bespoke website, integrate your existing design with a Blackbaud website design or make your website work on mobiles and tablets: SmartDESIGN.

Email image


SmartEMAIL enables all your emails to be added automatically to your Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge NXT database using our SmartSYNC platform.

Quick solutions

We also have numerous cheap, efficient solutions that are available out of the box. They can be up and running in minutes and solve those simple yet annoying issues for your customers and supporters.

All of these products and our lead products have been created from our consultancy work with nonprofit clients. So, if you can’t see a solution on our website, get in touch and we may be able to provide one.

Graduway logo


SmartAUTH enables any website to check details against Raiser’s Edge or Blackbaud CRM in real time, ensuring the security of your alumni networking.

Online payment systems logos


SmartBANKVALIDATION validate payments through Online Express, NetCommunity and Internet Solutions payment gateways before they get into your payments system



SmartBANNER: add banners to the top of your website to direct your visitors to where you want them to go – update details, donate and more.

Gift aid logo


SmartCOUNTRY OLX: makes Online Express donation forms show gift aid boxes only to donors with a UK address and enable US and UK specific forms.


Validate credit card information before it gets to your payments system! Works with payment, donation, membership and event registration forms.


SmartDEFAULTS enables you to default and/or hide fields in any NetCommunity, Internet Solutions and Online Express donation, event registration or membership forms.


SmartDONATE: Magic links PLUS for Blackbaud’s Online Express, NetCommunity and Internet Solutions donation forms


Blackbaud lottery web page for East Cheshire hospice


Add a simple, economical lottery to your website with SmartLOTTERY. Compatible with Blackbaud Online Express, NetCommunity and Internet Solutions.



FREE paste tool for Raiser’s Edge and Raiser’s Edge NXT: paste lists from Excel into ‘one of’ query criteria in Raiser’s Edge. Saves huge amounts of time and can be used in many innovative ways. Don’t just copy and paste, SmartPASTE.

SmartTRANSLATE Utrecht webpage English


Translate the whole of your Blackbaud NetCommunity or Internet Solutions website into any language with SmartTRANSLATE.