SmartPORTAL let’s you plugin a Raiser’s Edge NXT based user portal to any website or CMS platform

SmartPORTAL features

Application details

  • SmartPORTAL is customised and configured via our online deployment platform. Set your options, generate your script and paste the code snippet onto your webpage.
  • We will get you up and running and show you how to make changes to SmartPORTAL going forward.
  • Account features – your supporters can create an account on your website and see forms pre-populated with their Raiser’s Edge NXT constituent details.
  • SmartPORTAL provides code snippets you  place on your website to have it’s features appear within your pages:
  • Inherits your websites design automatically but can be styled further.
  • Seamless integration into your call to action website pages.
  • Compatible with all major CMS systems including WordPress.
  • Utilises the same technology as Online Express – if you can add Online Express forms to your site you can add SmartPORTAL too.
  • SmartPORTAL integrates seamlessly with Raiser’s Edge NXT – no administration needed to update user submitted details.
  • Data is passed to Raiser’s Edge NXT immediately.
  • Duplicate protection options.
  • Choose to create new constituent records from your SmartPORTAL sign ups.
  • We backup your existing data.
  • Your data is secure, we use Blackbaud’s own SKY API.
  • SmartPORTAL supports the use of Online Express Donation, Event and Membership forms.
  • Online Express forms are pre-filled with user data from Raiser’s Edge NXT
  • Your supporters can create an account as part of their donation, event booking or membership purchase.
  • Updates are passed to Raiser’s Edge NXT immediately, saving you time when matching data in the Online Express plugin.
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