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  • When you open any constituent record, SmartSOCIAL automatically searches for their LinkedIn profile and displays it side-by-side with the constituent record.
  • You can then use LinkedIn to connect, endorse and InMail without ever leaving your Blackbaud database.
  • Supplement your data: It’s under your control. You can now gather LinkedIn data and import it into your database. It’s your choice.
  • Easy install: Raiser’s Edge NXT and Blackbaud CRM users can install SmartSOCIAL direct from the Chrome web store.
  • Powerful: LinkedIn Pro compatible.
  • Time saving: Saves you time and money by updating your data without costly inputting.
  • It’s a team player: If you or any of your team add a LinkedIn link to a record, then SmartSOCIAL will show this profile to all your colleagues.
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