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Keep your database addresses clean and uniform using SmartZIP

SmartZIP is designed as a self-install application, simplifying the setup process for clients offering a smooth installation experience.
Designed for both Raiser’s Edge 7 and Raiser’s Edge NXT and supporting both UK and international addresses, it ensures the cleanliness and uniformity of manually entered addresses, facilitating the maintenance of a well-organised database.

A free app for OLX forms to enable your donors to cover the transaction fee

A free self install app readily available on our website.
Using our Online Express deploy page it was quick and easy for the client to add this app to their existing Online Express donation form.
SmartDONORCOVER gives donors the option to add a little extra onto their donation to cover the transaction fees incurred by the organisation for accepting payments via BBMS. It’s a great way to increase the donation value with the ability to track in Raiser’s Edge and it’s FREE!!

Mailchimp and Raiser’s Edge: instant updates and efficiency savings


We were happy to work with this client and connect their Mailchimp Audience to their Raiser’s Edge database. The real time sync has provided numerous benefits to the client, such as be being able to see Mailchimp engagement statistics inside their Raiser’s Edge NXT.

Access not-for-profit website donations to Raiser’s Edge


Collaborated with the client and their Access Group Charity Website to seamlessly integrate real-time donation processing into RENXT, ensuring a fully automated and unobtrusive workflow, requiring no manual intervention from their team.

Mailchimp and Raiser’s Edge: Giving data in Mailchimp


We configured this integration with Raiser’s Edge and Mailchimp so the client could use live Raiser’s Edge giving data in their Mailchimp Audience to better segment and target contacts for their email campaigns.

SmartIMPORT for JustGiving to Raiser’s Edge


We provided our client with a tailored solution to streamline their donation import process from JustGiving to Raiser’s Edge (RE). Leveraging our robust SmartIMPORT tool, we efficiently imported both gift and gift aid data.

Mailchimp and Raiser’s Edge: a second Audience


We successfully integrated a second Mailchimp audience with Raiser’s Edge for our client, using separate solicit codes to control the sync whilst sending rich contact data. This seamless integration works in conjunction with their primary newsletter audience, empowering the client to send highly targeted emails utilizing Mailchimp’s advanced segmentation tools.

Online Express Google Analytics (GA4) Tracking Enabled


Leveraging our brand NEW knowledge base guide, we have successfully aided our SmartTRACK clients in migrating to GA4 tracking, in light of Google’s deprecation of legacy methodologies. Our SmartTRACK integration with Google Tag Manager and GA4 offers comprehensive insights and granular data, empowering your marketing strategy with a competitive edge.

Campaign Monitor to Raiser’s Edge NXT: University of Aukland


It was great working with The University of Auckland to tailor the integration between Campaign Monitor and Raiser’s Edge to meet their precise requirements. The Auckland team have then taken this further creating their own data flows to automate and support their other business processes, all within the SmartSYNC platform.

Website portal to Raiser’s Edge: Atlantic College


We set up SmartPORTAL for Atlantic College in order for them to stay in touch with their past students. The online form gathers all the required information to support their alumni activities whilst maintaining the security of the data.

Website portal to Raiser’s Edge: MS Trust


We worked closely with MS Trust to create a quick and efficient way for their telephone helpline team to use SmartPORTAL to process enquiries through a web portal. They can search and retrieve Raiser’s Edge (RE) records and then choose to update the information or add follow up actions. SmartPORTAL comes with an API and can be customised and extended to meet a wide variety of use cases such as this.

Online Store to Raiser’s Edge: The University of Winnipeg


We assisted in the set up of SmartSTORE for The University of Winnipeg in order for them to easily sell items required by students and staff.

Excel to Raiser’s Edge: Bennington College USA


We love helping you work faster and smarter. We built SmartPASTE over a decade ago to solve a very common issue when working in Query inside Raiser’s Edge and wanting to paste a long list of values. It now works with both RE7 self hosted and RE NXT Database View. Grab your FREE copy today.

LinkedIn to Raiser’s Edge NXT: Pine Crest School


SmartSOCIAL is our FREE tool for Raiser’s Edge NXT, which seamlessly connects LinkedIn to Raiser’s Edge. Join the ever-growing community of organisations that are benefiting from SmartSOCIAL, saving valuable time and resources while enriching their database.

Online Express custom design from: HSC Foundation

We updated the clients’ custom donation form which looks amazing and has been in use for a few years now. Working with their design we added an Online Express donation form in the background to pass the data to Raiser’s Edge. This allowed a snazzy design but with all of the data integration the client needed. Out latest updates better supported adding tributes and custom designations.

DotDigital to Raiser’s Edge NXT: SAT-7 UK


At SmartTHING, we thrive on challenges. We successfully navigated a complex set of requirements involving data synchronization between Raiser’s Edge and DotDigital, specifically addressing the client’s need to manage consent and user preferences in both systems.

Hivebrite to Raiser’s Edge NXT: Goodenough College


We were delighted to facilitate the integration between Hivebrite and Raiser’s Edge NXT by implementing customised data flows within SmartHIVEBRITE to precisely meet the client’s specifications. We synchronised biographical, contact and educational information in both directions.

iSAMS to Raisers Edge NXT: UWC Atlantic College


We enjoyed working with Pippi to map out her requirements and turn those into an agreed specification which we used as the basis to configure the integration from iSAMS to Raiser’s Edge. SmartISAMS handles the data processing and conditional logic to ensure the data flows are sent to Raiser’s Edge in the correct format.

Zoom to Raisers Edge NXT: UWC Atlantic College


Our integration with Zoom enables the seamless transfer of event information into Raiser’s Edge. This automated process ensures that missing event records are created using Zoom details, and event participants are added or matched to existing records, along with any custom fields from Zoom. Our client doesn’t have to lift a finger as everything is taken care of automatically.

EventBrite to Raiser’s Edge NXT: Randolph College


The SmartTHING team collaborated closely with our client to seamlessly transfer event, event ticket, and ticket payment details from EventBrite to Blackbaud’s Raiser’s Edge NXT event area. Together, we refined and enhanced the solution to include Order IDs, merged orders, and even full and partial refunds. Now, all the valuable data from the event is neatly stored on the constituents’ records in RE Database View and RE NXT Web view.