Clean email information added to your database with one click: SmartOUTLOOK. SmartOUTLOOK integrates Raiser’s Edge NXT, Raiser’s Edge 7 and Blackbaud CRM with all versions of Outlook.

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When you receive an email, SmartOUTLOOK enables you to record it as an action in your database with one click. You can edit the action BEFORE you save it to your database, and using SmartOUTLOOK ensures that ALL email text is searchable from within your database.

  • It's simple. One click and your emails are saved into Raiser’s Edge or Blackbaud CRM as actions.
  • Time saver. Enables your whole team to save emails quickly to your database.
  • Keeps data clean. SmartOUTLOOK stops errors being entered into your Blackbaud database, preventing costly data cleaning down the line.
  • Adaptable. SmartOUTLOOK can be pre-configured for your entire team.
Platform Compatibility

Blackbaud CRM, Raiser’s Edge, Raiser’s Edge NXT


Database, Events, Fundraising, Management


Charity, Education, Partners


Raiser’s Edge Plugin, Via Chrome Web Store

SmartOUTLOOK NXT demo video
SmartOUTLOOK demo video
SmartOUTLOOK CRM Demo video