Consultancy Terms of Business

In order to clarify The SmartTHING Limited’s terms of business, the following is provided as an outline of the key aspects of our service. These are designed to protect the interests of our clients and to provide a basis for co-operation and mutual trust.

These terms apply to our work from the moment we are engaged by the client, by which we mean that the client have given assent for us to start work.

Fees and Terms of Payment

  • Fees quoted are normally an estimate relating to the total programme of work activities proposed by The SmartTHING Limited.
  • In some circumstances, additional work may be required by a client and in these cases the additional cost will be discussed and specified to the client as required.
  • Clients will be invoiced at the end of a programme of work, or monthly in arrears, whichever is appropriate and depending upon the length of the work undertaken.
  • Fees are payable strictly 30 days net from date of invoice unless an alternative agreement has been made in advance.
  • In order to provide maximum value for clients, work activity is charged by the hour or day (based on a 7 hour working day).
  • Fees quoted are inclusive of consultation and general support costs, but exclude accommodation and travel expenses and other costs for materials such as exceptional items which will be agreed with the client in advance.
  • Our fees are reviewed regularly and may change at any time.
  • Please note: Unless an item or service is specified explicitly in the estimate it is not included in the scope of work and will incur additional cost and extend timelines for the project

Travel Expenses

  • Accommodation, rail, air and other public transport expenditure will be charged at cost, and motor mileage will be charged at 50p per mile. Where distances are large or travel can be split between clients we may cap these cost, this is at our discretion.

Guarantee of Performance

  • We undertake to complete the programme of work defined within the cost and timescales proposed.
  • Our Principal Consultant will oversee all work carried out to ensure a quality and professional service is provided.
  • All work will comply with standards set out in any client provided Code of Conduct guidelines, the laws relating to protecting employees at work and also with the requirements of the Data Protection Act.
  • When carrying out any consulting work The SmartTHING limited will abide by any additional client Data Protection policy if supplied prior to or during works.
  • The SmartTHING Limited acts in the best interests of its clients and can accept no responsibility for actions taken as a result of any work undertaken or from advice given.

What we expect from our Clients

  • The client will in all cases log a support request on with enough detail for us to be able to recreate the issue or understand a feature request.
  • Reasonable availability of customer representatives when resolving a service related incident or request.
  • The client will be trained in basic usage of NetCommunity.
  • The client will be trained in all aspects of BBNC that link to the database Raiser’s Edge i.e. queries, roles, email lists, attributes etc.
  • The client’s IT team will solve any installation issues specific to the client’s internal IT set-up.
  • If the client doesn’t have the above skills, this must be made clear before the contract is drawn up. If any BBNC/RE training or IT support work is required, SmartTHING will quote for this.
  • We are proud of the work we do with our clients. Therefore, we may from time to time use your logo in our advertising (including on our website, in case studies, in promotional material etc). However, if you are not happy with this, please let us know by sending an email to with the subject line ‘LOGO USE: NO THANKS’.


  • In the course of a programme of work, The SmartTHING Limited may produce materials for the client. In any such case these materials remain the property of The SmartTHING Limited. However, so as to not place unnecessary constraints on the use of such materials, clients may reproduce these with prior agreement from the Principal Consultant.

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