New SmartZIP update offers users significant savings

Address validation for all of your Blackbaud platforms

SmartZIP is available for the majority of Blackbaud platforms, including web forms (Online Express, BBNC, BBIS) and databases (RE7, RENXT, BBCRM), and it even works for bulk cleaning in Excel.

We have recently updated it with a new feature, meaning huge savings for the majority of SmartZIP users!

Originally, we relied on Loqate to provide address lookup features for SmartZIP, which meant a per lookup cost for our clients on top of our base (low!) product cost.

Introducing Google Places Autocomplete

In the updated version, we use Google Places, allowing most organisations to use their address completion system as an alternative (organisations that fall within the $200 per month free Google usage allowance, equivalent to 100,000+ address lookups). This translates into huge savings for most organisations.

If you wish to take advantage of this, please upgrade to the latest SmartZIP edition or contact our team to find out more.

Please note, at the present time, this update is available for most but not all editions. We will ensure it is available for the most in-demand editions going forward. The update supports different language versions too!

If you’re not already using SmartZIP’s real-time address verification, click here to start your free 30-day SmartZIP trial. You will only pay for the product – the rest is free!

The new SmartZIP update is live already. So, if you are an existing SmartZIPRE customer, re-download the software and it’s ready to go.

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