How to get rich supporter data from your Online Express or Raiser’s Edge NXT forms.

SmartTRACK update brings RENXT donation form support and powerful data processing and automation options.

Our popular tracking application SmartTRACK, is a cost-effective way to gain better information about your supporters when they complete your Blackbaud Online Express and Raiser’s Edge NXT web forms.

A recent update brings both support for RENXT donation forms and integration with SmartSYNC, our cloud-based integration and automation platform. 

1. Support added for RENXT donation forms

We’re pleased to announce that SmartTRACK is now fully compatible with Raiser’s Edge NXT donation forms, a feature that has been much requested by our customers.

This allows you to analyze your donors, where they are in the world, what caused them to donate and lots more.

SmartTRACK has always supported Online Express forms and tracking via Google Analytics, Bing, Facebook and custom tracking systems. Now these features are also available for RENXT  donation forms.

2. SmartTRACK gets smarter with SmartSYNC integration

We have now added SmartSYNC integration to the latest SmartTRACK update which adds numerous data processing options. Powerful automation can be triggered as soon as your donor has completed their webform. Some examples of these can be seen below:

What type of forms work with SmartTRACK?

What type of information is tracked and where does it go?

Tracked data is sent to the analytics services you have added to your website (e.g. Google Analytics). This data is automatically detected, and conversion information is sent to the analytics service once the webform is submitted.

SmartTRACK can also record tracking information as gift custom fields so you can run reports in Raiser’s Edge on your donors’ behaviour.

You can try our live Online Express or Raiser’s Edge NXT form demos to see the type of data you can track.

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