Raiser’s Edge NXT

SmartPORTAL let’s you plugin a Raiser’s Edge NXT based user portal to any website or CMS platform.

SmartSYNC is a cloud based application that powers modern, API based integrations with Blackbaud products.

SmartSTORE Plus is our complete fulfilment package for your new online store. We’ll design and build you store in WooCommerce and connect it to your Raiser’s Edge database.

SmartSTORE let’s you create an online shop for your website and integrates transactions to Raiser’s Edge using Blackbaud Online Express.

SmartCALLHANDLER displays Raiser’s Edge NXT data securely on your website giving your team all the data they need to take donations via the phone.

SmartEMAIL automatically integrates your emails into your Raiser’s Edge NXT database.

SmartMAILCHIMP easily integrates Mailchimp with your Raiser’s Edge database.

SmartOUTLOOK saves your Outlook emails as an ACTION in Raiser’s Edge with one click.

Pass your Zoom meeting information to Events in Raiser’s Edge.

SmartSOCIAL ensures you get the latest, most accurate information about your supporters.

SmartZIP provides real time address verification for all your Blackbaud products. Covers 245 countries and territories.

SmartGMAIL saves your Gmail emails as an ACTION in Raiser’s Edge with one click.

SmartSTORE Connect sends your e-Commerce store orders to your Raiser’s Edge NXT database. Compatible with Shopify, WooCommerce and any popular E-commerce platform.

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