Ensure your donor or alumni address data is 100% clean with SmartZIP (SmartPOSTCODE), saving your team time and money.

The domestic and international address completion solution for all your Blackbaud products. New for eTapestry!

And now SmartZIP also gives you immediate and economical bulk data cleaning and bank account validation for your Blackbaud database.

Never send your data away for cleaning again.


Blackbaud NetCommunity, Internet Solutions, Online Express and eTapestry


Constituent address autocomplete video


The address autocomplete process as seen by the user

When your donor, alumni, or database team adds a domestic or international address, SmartZIP automatically completes the address, ensuring the address data added to Blackbaud NetCommunity, Internet Solutions and Online Express as well as direct into Blackbaud CRM is completely accurate. Using SmartZIP means the data fed into your database is clean.

It's international

No matter where your donors are, the address data entered will be clean.

Easy install

Installation is usually a one or two step process that we walk you through. You’ll be up and running in no time.


Rapid data cleaning at point of entry. Saves you time and money.

Time saving

Unlike some tools, SmartZIP doesn’t cause the page to refresh every time an address is entered.

It's universal

Once SmartZIP is installed, it can be placed on any number of pages.

Tim Jenner

“No matter where in the world my donors might be, thanks to SmartZIP I’m assured that they have entered accurate and clean address data. “

Tim Jenner
Development Manager, International Rescue Committee
Supported Platforms

Under your one PCA predict account we support all the common Blackbaud platforms. If you have any more you wish added to the list please contact our team.

Blackbaud CRM

Raiser's Edge

Raiser's Edge NXT

Blackbaud Internet Solutions


Online Express


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Raiser’s Edge (Database view / Citrix)

You start Raiser’s Edge by logging in via a web page and then launching RE or you have an icon on your desktop in Windows with the letters RE that you click to launch RE

Raiser’s Edge NXT (Browser)

You login to RE NXT through your web browser and use RE within the web browser (without using the Database View link)

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