Find out how your supporters are getting to and using your donation, event registration, membership and SmartSTORE pages with SmartTRACK – integrate Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel and Bing Tracking.

SmartTRACK records purchase information from your donation, membership, event registration (*) and SmartSTORE forms in your tracking system. You can then analyse your conversion rates, traffic sources, user flow, money raised and more. Giving substance to which of your adverts and promotions are generating income, and where your customers are based – simple but effective analytics.

This small, economical tracking tool is self-configuring, and is easily self-installed through our deployment tools.

(*) Form tracking varies depending on product version OLX, BBNC or BBIS

So why use it?

You may already have tracking installed on your site but without SmartTRACK you are not seeing the full picture.

SmartTRACK ensures that for all online transactions the outcomes are also sent to your tracking platform, this joins the data already being tracked to give you a full picture of your users and the revenue they are contributing to your organisation.

As an example take a look at a Google Analytics screenshot, revenue appearing alongside user data, invaluable:

This data allows you to make informed decisions on your campaign presence, relevant advertising, investment and social network promotions.

It’s simple

Self-configuring and easy to install through our custom OLX and BBNC/BBIS deployment tools.

Blackbaud friendly

Designed from scratch to support Online Express, NetCommunity and Internet Solutions and Blackbaud’s event registration, membership and donation forms.

It's universal

SmartTRACK works on all websites that support Online Express, NetCommunity and Internet Solution forms.


As well as tracking the purchase amount we also report relevant form ids and the page name to allow reporting across multiple pages.

It's secure

Data is transmitted using your standard tracking system, anonomised and via secure web protocols.

2016_08_04 FoodBank_Meghan4_opt

“SmartTHING has provided us with several great tools to make fundraising (and our lives!) easier. Thanks to SmartTRACK OLX, Google/Facebook/Bing tracking now works seamlessly in Online Express and at an affordable rate too.”

Meghan Nicholls
CFRE, The Mississauga Food Bank