Ensure you get the latest, most accurate information about your supporters with SmartSOCIAL.

Our FREE for Blackbaud tool SmartSOCIAL connects LinkedIn social data to your Raiser’s Edge NXT or Blackbaud CRM.

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When you open any constituent record, SmartSOCIAL automatically searches for their LinkedIn profile and displays it side-by-side with the constituent record. You can then use LinkedIn to connect, endorse and InMail without ever leaving your Blackbaud data.

Supplement your data

It’s under your control. You can now gather LinkedIn data from SmartSOCIAL and import it into your database. It’s your choice.

Easy install

Raiser’s Edge NXT and Blackbaud CRM users can install SmartSOCIAL direct from the Chrome web store.


LinkedIn Pro compatible.

Time saving

Saves you time and money by updating your data without costly inputting.

It's a team player

If you or any of your team add a LinkedIn link to a record, then SmartSOCIAL will show this profile to all your colleagues.

Daniel Bayer

“SmartSOCIAL really is like having a fully-functional LinkedIn profile embedded in NXT, which is very cool. Thank you!”

Daniel Bayer
Advancement Services Specialist, Marymount Manhattan College
If you are interested in trialling SmartSOCIAL, please contact us on