Add forms to your website so your donors and supporters can easily update the biographical, contact, email, phone, consent and business details.

SmartPORTAL provides a secure, login free method for your website users to update the personal details you hold on your RE database in real time.  Your users use their surname and email address, along with an email handshake, to securely access their data.

SmartPORTAL can be added to any website, in the same way as Blackbaud’s own OLX (Online Express) based forms. It is easily configured and installed using our OLX installer so it can be tailored to your own requirements. When your client submits the form it immediately updates their record in your RE NXT database, no manual processing required.

Want to try it out now?

Drop an email to our support desk quoting ‘SmartPORTAL’ and you can try this out on our demo pages.

Alternatively, use the below button to request a free trial version so you can use it with your Blackbaud RE NXT database on your own website

How does it work?

It’s simple

Copy and paste from our OLX deploy tool.  You can be up and running in minutes.


Provided details are immediately updated in your database based upon your configured business rules. Duplicate protection is built in.

It's universal

SmartPORTAL works on all websites. That includes WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, NetCommunity and Internet Solutions.

It's configurable

The forms are configurable through our OLX Deploy tool. You can also make different forms for different sections of your site all under the one license.

It's secure

Highly secure system for verifying the user and sophisticated protection built in to ensure your data is kept safe. SmartPORTAL does not store your users profile information – it is directly transferred between the user and your RE NXT database.

2016_08_04 FoodBank_Meghan4_opt

“SmartTHING has provided us with several great tools to make fundraising (and our lives!) easier. Thanks to SmartTRACK OLX, Google/Facebook/Bing tracking now works seamlessly in Online Express and at an affordable rate too.”

Meghan Nicholls
CFRE, The Mississauga Food Bank