SmartPORTAL – let your supporters update their Raiser’s Edge records so you don’t have to

Plugin a Raiser’s Edge NXT user portal to your website. 

Using simple code snippets , SmartPORTAL can be fully configured and customised to your requirements. 

Because SmartPORTAL is code based it can be plugged into any website or CMS system, automatically inheriting your website styles. 

Using our configuration wizard, you can set your options and choose which fields your users can see and update.

Put your supporters in control of their data.

SmartPORTAL lets your supporters update their own data, saving you time and resource.

Let’s take a look at and some of the areas your supporters can now access and update with SmartPORTAL:

  • Biographical details.
  • Multiple address types.
  • Multiple phone types.
  • Business details including addresses.
  • Custom fields.
  • Consent.

SmartPORTAL gets smarter.

We’ve seen how SmartPORTAL allows your users to update their Raiser’s Edge record. But there is much more SmartPORTAL can do:

  • Full OAUTH support.
  • Callhandler functionality built in.
  • Users can create an account and login to see their profile data.
  • Online Express forms now come pre filled, saving your users time and effort.
  • Records in Raiser’s Edge are now stamped with a full audit trail, giving you a full picture of any changes to user data.
  • Create new constituent records from your SmartPORTAL sign ups.

What’s next for SmartPORTAL?

SmartPORTAL continues to evolve to meet the needs of our clients. We have some exciting developments coming this year which include:

  • User giving history
  • Custom donation forms
  • SmartSTORE
  • User directory
  • Donor cover built in