Our FREE paste tool for Raiser's Edge and Raiser's Edge NXT

Paste lists from Excel into 'one of' query criteria in Raiser's Edge.

Save huge amounts of time and money. SmartPASTE can be used in many innovative ways. Don’t just copy and paste, SmartPASTE.


Quickly and easily import Excel data into Raiser’s Edge with SmartPASTE.

Give me an example

Let’s say you have a list of Constituent IDs or email addresses in Excel. Take that list (the list can be thousands of IDs long), copy it and then click the new ‘Paste list’ button in your Raiser’s Edge query. SmartPASTE will then go through the list and accurately enter it into the query criteria.

You can then, in Raiser’s Edge, run your query, globally change records, add actions, export data or any other bulk processing you may wish to do – just think of the time saved.

Features in detail

Searches can be based on email addresses, names or any of the other fields that allow ‘One of’ criteria.

  • Compatible. Fully integrated with Raiser’s Edge and Raiser’s Edge NXT (Database view).
  • Simple. Used everywhere by clients all over the world.
  • Time-saving. Paste more than 500 values into Raiser’s Edge in one go.
  • Quick. Even thousands of entries only take a few minutes.
  • It’s powerful. Once your list is in Raiser’s Edge you can do so much…

It’s free so get started today: