Add a simple, economical lottery to your website with SmartLOTTERY

Compatible with Blackbaud Online Express, NetCommunity and Internet Solutions

SmartLOTTERY adds a user friendly section to your donation form so the donor can select how many raffle tickets they would like to buy, then they can continue and pay.

And it looks great:

Blackbaud lottery web page for East Cheshire hospice

It is simple, looks great and is simple to install but what else?

Well there are some key benefits to this approach:

  • It uses Blackbaud Payment services (like your other online forms).
  • It can auto-fill the users details if:
    • They are logged in to NetCommunity and Internet Solutions.
    • They are clicking through from an email you sent from Online Express, NetCommunity or Internet Solutions.
  • You have all the integration of funds, appeals, gift attributes and more that come with standard Blackbaud donation forms.
  • It can be customised to your requirements. Need a tweak or change? Then talk to us.

Get in touch if you’d like to know more about this simple add-on: