Our FREE donor cover add-on for Online Express

Allow your donors to opt to pay your payment gateway transaction fees.

Provides a quick and easy option that you can add to Online Express donation forms to ensure you receive the full donation amount.

You can specify the fixed and percentage fees your payment gateway charges per transaction, SmartDONORCOVER then adjusts the amount your donor pays to ensure you receive the amount they wish to donate but then charges the donor a little extra to cover the fee. All is made clear through visual prompts to the donor, and of course, it is optional for the donor..

Give me an example

Let’s say you use Blackbaud Merchant Services (BBMS) in the UK. They have a set fee and percentage fee which you would enter into our easy ‘Online Express Wizard’ to generate a snippet to add to your website just below your normal OLX donation form.

When your donors then view that donation page they will have an extra prompt. The text of which you can adjust in our wizard before generating your snippet of course. They can choose to tick the option and add the transaction fee to their donation ensuring you receive the full donation amount after the fees are taken.

What does it look like?


Compatible. Fully integrated with Online Express which itself supports Raiser’s Edge and Raiser’s Edge NXT.
Simple. Just add the snippet to any page you wish to have the Donor Cover option.
International. Supports any gateway fee structure, you specify the rates when generating the snippet.
Quick. Takes a few minutes to add to a website, you can reuse the same snippet for other forms.
User friendly. Donor cover is becoming more common and expected by donors so give them what they want.

It’s free so get started today: