SmartOUTLOOK saves your Outlook emails as an ACTION in Raiser’s Edge with one click

SmartOUTLOOK features

Application details

  • SmartOUTLOOK is easy to set up and install. 
  • For Raiser’s Edge NXT, SmartOUTLOOK works by installing a small Chrome Extension.
  • For Raiser’s Edge / Raiser’s Edge database view, simply download and install a small application on your Windows PC.


SmartOUTLOOK is significantly quicker than Blackbaud’s standard email solution. Don’t wait around to record your emails in Raiser’s Edge.


SmartOUTLOOK enables you to edit the action before you save it. Blackbaud’s solution only allows you to save the email as it is. With SmartOUTLOOK you can:

  • Edit or crop the text of the email
  • Assign the action to a fundraiser
  • Add a Raiser’s Edge reminder
  • Mark as not complete
  • Add attachments
  • Choose which record you want to assign the action to (not necessarily the person who sent you the email)

Automatically add emails to Raiser’s Edge NXT

When you buy SmartOUTLOOK, you now get SmartEMAIL for free. SmartEMAIL, when set up, means that emails can be automatically recorded in RE NXT simply by, for example, bcc’ing yourself or adding the email to a ‘record to NXT’ folder. It’s the ideal configure and forget recording of emails…

Add new contacts to Raiser’s Edge

If the email comes from someone who is not a contact in Raiser’s Edge, SmartOUTLOOK allows you to add them as a contact to Raiser’s Edge. This is not possible in Blackbaud’s solution.

Works for all versions of Exchange, Outlook and Raiser’s Edge

Works for self-hosted as well as Blackbaud hosted customers. It also works with all exchange servers even if you host those yourself.

Supports PAs and bulk recording


  • Multiple actions where you want to record emails as actions on more than one record.
  • PAs or other staff recording of emails on behalf of someone else
  • Shared email boxes
  • Bulk recording a folder of emails to a single constituent record


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