Zapier connects more apps than anyone else.

For the first time ever, Blackbaud users can connect more than 1,000 apps to their Raiser’s Edge NXT database using Zapier.

This means your database can automatically send and receive data to and from the apps you use every day.

What does it mean for me?

This means that Blackbaud users can link up to over 1,000 applications including other databases such as Zoho CRM, Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, services like Google Calendar, EventBrite and WordPress through to email senders such as MailChimp, Constant Contact and Campaign Monitor.

And if a Zapier connector does not exist we can code it up for you too. There really are no limits.


How does it work?

Pick a trigger that sets your Zap into motion (ie. a new email address has been added to an RE NXT record).

Zaps complete actions while you get on with your other work (In this example, the Zap could automatically sync the email address and contact information for the record to a MailChimp list)

It's secure

It uses Blackbaud's API

Your data is secure: we use Blackbaud’s own SKY API to connect to your database and Zapier’s platform to process the data.

It's simple

It's consistent

Anyone can build an integration through the Zapier integration editor and our staff are always on hand to help.


You are in control

You can build simple integrations or complex ones, add filters, conditional data flows and even send data to multiple locations in one zap. You can even set up different rules for different record types or users.

Well designed

Committed to quality

Well made; well maintained. Plus it avoids creating duplicate records.

It saves you time

No manual import/export!

Once set up, the Zaps just carry on working in the background – you’ll only be alerted if there are issues to be reviewed.


It's proven technology

Zapier is arguably the market leader for integrating systems and SmartTHING are a Blackbaud preferred partner, having worked with their products for over 12 years.

Examples of SmartSYNC in action


We have set up a Helpdesk section about Zapier. If you have any questions about Data Privacy, Costing Plans or Problems with your Feed, please visit the Helpdesk here.

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