SmartOUTLOOK integrates Raiser’s Edge NXT, Raiser’s Edge 7 and Blackbaud CRM with all common versions of Outlook.

When you receive an email, SmartOUTLOOK enables you to record it as an action in your database with one click. You can edit the action BEFORE you save it to your database, and using SmartOUTLOOK ensures that ALL email text is searchable from within your database.

It's simple

One click and your emails are saved into Raiser’s Edge NXT, Raiser’s Edge 7  or Blackbaud CRM as actions.

Keeps data clean

SmartOUTLOOK stops errors being entered into your Blackbaud database through automating the copy process so you can rely on your database records.

It's adaptable

SmartOUTLOOK can be pre-configured for your entire team but each user can then set their own preferences.

Fundraiser friendly

Enables your whole team, including your fundraisers, to save emails quickly to your database. They can even tag all their emails with their canvasser details.

Bulk uploads

You can now upload an entire folder from Outlook to a constituent in Raiser’s Edge, just let SmartOUTLOOK iterate through your emails.


One of the key features is that ALL email text is searchable from within your database. You can query across all your records for keywords.

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Why choose SmartOUTLOOK over Blackbaud's standard solution?

SmartOUTLOOK is significantly quicker than Blackbaud’s standard email solution. Don’t wait around to record your emails in Raiser’s Edge.

SmartOUTLOOK enables you to edit the action before you save it. Blackbaud’s solution only allows you to save the email as it is. With SmartOUTLOOK you can:

a. edit the text of the email

b. assign action to a fundraiser

c. add to calendar (set a reminder to act on an email)

d. mark as not complete (reminder for you to do something)

e. add attachments to the action

f. choose which record you want to assign the action to (not necessarily the person who sent you the email)

When you buy SmartOUTLOOK, you now get SmartEMAIL for free. SmartEMAIL, when set up, means that emails can be automatically recorded in RE NXT simply by, for example, bcc’ing yourself or adding the email to a ‘record to NXT’ folder. No such automation exists for Blackbaud’s standard solution.

If the email comes from someone who is not a contact in Raiser’s Edge, SmartOUTLOOK allows you to add them as a contact to Raiser’s Edge. This is not possible in Blackbaud’s solution.

Bridget Costello

“We have users saving emails from Outlook and Outlook 365 to Raiser’s Edge NXT and version 7. SmartOUTLOOK helps all these users do that at the click of a button. And at such a reasonable price too!”

Bridget Costello
Director of Development, Arizona YWCA Metropolitan Phoenix
Supported Platforms

Compatible with all recent desktop editions of Outlook (2010, 2012, 2013 and 2016). SmartOUTLOOK copes with any email provider (including Gmail, Yahoo and Live Mail) that connects to Outlook. SmartOUTLOOK also supports all the common Blackbaud platforms. If you have any other CRM you wish added to the list please contact our team.

Blackbaud CRM

Raiser's Edge

Raiser's Edge NXT

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