SmartEMAIL allows you to record sent and received emails with any email system connected to the Zapier platform.

This includes numerous email platforms including Gmail, Google Apps, Office 365, Outlook, Yahoo and any with generic POP or IMAP connectors. SmartEMAIL therefore complements our sister products SmartOUTLOOK and SmartGMAIL but is more widely compatible and can be fully automated.

It's secure

It uses Blackbaud's API

Your data is secure: we use Blackbaud’s own SKY API to connect to your database and Zapier’s platform to process the data.

It's simple

It's consistent

Quick and easy to set up: anyone can integrate their email through the Zapier integration editor and our staff are always on hand to help.


You are in control

Your email integration can be simple or complex, record specific labelled or starred items or only email from certain organisations in one zap. You can even set up different rules for different record types or users.

It saves you time

No manual import/export!

One initial set up and, from then on, all your emails are automatically added to your Raiser’s Edge NXT database – you’ll only be alerted if there are issues to be reviewed.


It's proven technology

Zapier is arguably the market leader for integrating systems, and SmartTHING are a Blackbaud preferred partner, having worked with their products for over 12 years.

Request a free trial

We are currently in the Early Access Program (EAP) phase of this product. If you wish to use the integration tool please complete the below form and we will get back to you with license and further details.