SmartDOTDIGITAL client set up and configuration

SmartDOTDIGITAL works by connecting a Raiser’s Edge NXT Constituent List to a List in DotDigital.

Records that are present in both your Raisers’ Edge NXT List and DotDigital List will be synced.

Establishing a one to one relationship between Raiser’s Edge and Dotdigital.

You may have constituents in your Raiser’s Edge NXT List that share the same email address. 

It is important that your Raiser’s Edge NXT List contains unique email addresses in order to facilitate a match to DotDigital – your Dotdigital List will only contain unique email addresses.

You can choose which constituents to remove from the sync by adding a Solicit Code to these records. An example code might be: “Shared email – ignore”

This code can then be used as an exclude criteria within your Raiser’s Edge NXT List.