Simplest tool ever invented and yet so useful

Default and/or hide any field on your Online Express, NetCommunity or Internet Solutions donation, event registration or membership forms.

It comes with a simple to use interface where you specify the label and the value, the rest SmartDEFAULTS sorts out.

Why do you need it?

Our clients asked us for this tool and they did various things with it:

  • The forms in the Blackbaud web products are not designed for everyone so some users might want to hide fields, country fields for instance, and other users may want to set the country and hide it.
  • Some users wanted to send an email with a link to a form that defaults and hides one attribute to show which email caused the donation.
  • Other users wanted to default email preferences to opted out.

As we say, a simple but powerful tool.

Get in touch if you’d like to know more about SmartDEFAULTS: