With SmartCALLHANDLER your telethon call handlers or supporter services teams have all they need at their fingertips to quickly and accurately take a donation whilst on a phone call.

SmartCALLHANDLER provides real-time look up of constituents from your Blackbaud database, auto-filling their details into a donation form for your call handler to quickly review and correct whilst on a call.

It does this within your Blackbaud product, whether it is NetCommunity, Internet Solutions or Online Express, and it integrates with Blackbaud Payment Services.

It also guides your call handler through a call script to ensure they ask all the right questions and consistently handle your donor calls.

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It's secure

It uses Blackbaud services

As payments are made through Blackbaud Merchant Services, payments are secure for both nonprofit and donor.

It's simple

It's consistent

Anyone can handle calls, using the same call scripts and gathering the same information – no experience necessary.


You are in control

You can design and edit the call script. You design the layout. You choose the call handler prompts.

It saves you time

No import/export!

Gifts are immediately added to the correct donor record in your database. No extra data entry necessary.


It's proven technology

Over the last few years our clients have raised millions through the system.

Kevin Bennett

“SmartCALLHANDLER has made a big impact! As it integrates with Blackbaud Payments and all the telethon income is instantly saved in Raiser’s Edge, it makes taking and analysing gifts very easy.”

Kevin Bennett
Chief Operating Officer, Premier Christian Communications
Islamic relief

“SmartCALLHANDLER: The donation page is working very well and we’ve been able to improve our donation processing time and level of customer service with regards to receipt acknowledgements.”

Shaheryar Ullah
Islamic Relief UK
Supported Platforms

SmartCALLHANDLER is compatible with all the major Blackbaud web and database products.

Blackbaud CRM

Raiser's Edge 7

Raiser's Edge 7 NXT

Blackbaud Internet Solutions


Online Express

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