Add banners to the top of your website to direct your visitors to where you want them to go

Intelligent targeting based on their relationship to you, past website activity or database record.

SmartBANNER is built within your NetCommunity or Internet Solutions website and can use targeting content, user roles and queries from your database to target specific people.

Some examples:

Banner across the top of the page in desktop view
Banner shown in mobile view

Key features

  • You can use built in targeting based on user or database records to target the content to your website visitors
  • Uses the custom part framework of your Blackbaud product so it behaves just like any other website part with it’s own nice HTML5 compliant editor
  • Can be used more than once on a page
  • Fully colour coordinating – change the colour of the text, background, links and even links on hover
  • Customisable – why not use email links and cookies to tailor the targeting.

Try it out

Get in touch if you’d like to try this product free for 30 days. No-obligation to buy: just cancel before the end of the 30-day period if this product is not for you.