Add metrics to your Raiser's Edge database. You can track user engagement, rate prospects, segment your data or set affiliation measures. SmartMETRICS is a powerful and flexible way for you to set your own criteria, scoring and formulas for your own data.

The SmartMETRICS wizard guides you through filtering and scoring your records, allowing you to choose the options that are ideal for your organisation and campaign.

Ratings can be stored in Attributes, Prospect ratings or Constituent Codes. Allows you to create a history that tracks the engagement scores, or likelihood to donate over time. Once the formula is saved you can run your metrics at the click of a button, updating all the attributes or prospect ratings. Run multiple or single metrics at a time, the power is at your fingertips.

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SmartMETRICS works with data available to query in Raiser's Edge, including summary fields. The self-learning algorithm suggests metrics to run based on your ideal constituents. You can output the results as raw data, text or any format that works best for you. No data leaves your Raiser's Edge, and you retain control at all times.

  • Fully integrated with RE
  • Track changes over time. Built in options to keep a historic record of scores.
  • Quick to learn. Highly configurable, anyone can do it.
  • Easy to use. Users can quickly run metrics by pressing a single button.
  • Tremendously powerful. Can be used for affiliation measures, mailing segmentation, and much more.
Platform Compatibility

Raiser’s Edge


Raiser’s Edge Plugin


Events, Fundraising, Management, Prospect Research


Charity, Education, Partners