Engage your supporters

Engage your supporters.
Make your website beautiful, practical and easy to use.

Make your website beautiful, practical and easy to use.

Find the solution you need

Working together with our nonprofit clients, we are proud of our problem-solving, web designs and add-ons for Blackbaud’s trio: NetCommunity, Internet Solutions and Online Express as well as Drupal, Moodle, Joomla and WordPress.

Design Import

Looking for a bespoke design instead? Check out our design services.

Let us import your website design directly into your Blackbaud website while at the same time retaining full functionality and design elements.

The site is a copy so you don’t need to spend hours testing in different browsers and getting used to new design features, in fact you can be up and running in just a few hours.


Web add-ons

Make your Blackbaud site donor-friendly with our wide range of custom add-ons.

Target your supporters directly, allow your donors to enter clean data, encourage giving on-the-go: SmartTHING has a comprehensive library of great-value add-ons to improve your Blackbaud website.


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Custom parts

Improve your Blackbaud website with our range of high-end coded parts. Powerful and flexible ways to enhance your website, including authentification and registration systems and payment integration services.

Haven’t found what you’re looking for here? We also build bespoke custom parts for the complex challenges faced by fundraisers today.

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