Online Express

Add-ons for Blackbaud Online Express

Many of our popular tools are now integrated with Online Express. So you should be able to find an economical solution just like the ones we built for NetCommunity.

Whether you are looking for ways to sell your products online, hold a fundraising telethon, autocomplete addresses or check that bank or credit card details are correct, we have great products to assist you and best of all they are fully integrated with Blackbaud software.

Add features

Blackbaud’s Online Express is a great tool for nonprofits to engage and communicate with their donors. 

If you are moving to Online Express from NetCommnity, you might welcome some of our additional  features. The following products can autocomplete your supporters’ addresses, add emails to your database or connect LinkedIn to your Blackbaud CRM.


Adds international ZIP/Postcode lookup and address auto-completion to your forms.

  • It’s international. Clean address data no matter where your donors are.
  • Cleans your data. Saves you time and money.
  • Time saving. No page refresh each time address is entered.
  • Universal. Can be placed on any number of pages.


Validate those sort-codes, account numbers and credit card information before they get to your payments system! Works with payment, donation, membership and event registration forms.

  • Saves time. Prevents costly admin time making incorrect details right.
  • Improves user experience. Makes donating quick, easy and painless.
  • Cleans data. Ensures only validated bank details reach your database.
  • Simple. Easy install.


Add a simple, economical lottery to your website with SmartLOTTERY and SmartRAFFLE. Visit our BLOG for more on these products.


Add a simple, economical analytics to Online Express to track your supporters’ conversion rates and discover which of your adverts and promotions are generation income. Visit our BLOG for more on these products.


Add a simple, economical part to Online Express that enables you to have both UK and US forms on your website, and to show gift aid boxes only to donors whose address is in the UK. Visit our BLOG for more on these products.

Tim Jenner

“No matter where in the world my donors might be, thanks to SmartZIP I’m assured that they have entered accurate and clean address data. “

Tim Jenner
Development Manager, International Rescue Committee

Take it to another level

We can do much more complex things too: add an online shop, enable a complete fundraising telethon system or create a bespoke website for you within Blackbaud Online Express.


Enables a fundraising campaign in which donation taking is consistent and quick, simply because the data never leaves your Blackbaud software.

  • It’s secure. As payments are made through Blackbaud Merchant Services, payments are secure for both nonprofit and donor.
  • Time saving. Gifts are immediately added to the correct donor record in your database. No extra data entry necessary.
  • It’s simple. Anyone can handle calls, no experience necessary.
  • Customisable. You design the call script. You design the donation page layout.


Eye-catching bespoke website design and development with off-the-shelf or custom-built features to support your design.

  • Blackbaud experts. Eight years working with Blackbaud and as subcontractors of Blackbaud.
  • Integration. We know how to integrate all common website systems (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and more.). So whichever system you choose make sure it is integrated with your Blackbaud product.
  • Economical. Our pre-built components make your redesign affordable.
  • Flexible. Our design work can be broken down into chunks. Gifts are immediately added to the correct donor record in your database. No extra data entry necessary.
  • Supported. Support and training can be offered, so no technical expertise is needed by your team.
SmartDESIGN: Import

Want to keep your current design? With our off-the-shelf Design Import series, we can integrate your existing design with your CMS software.


Create a fully functional online shop in any website using OLX and integrate it with your Blackbaud CRM. Includes all standard shop features: discounts, product attributes, custom postage and many more.

  • It’s immediate. You can be up and running in minutes, no IT support required.
  • Time saving. No importing of orders required, they feed directly into your database.
  • Keeps data clean. You can use our optional address lookup, and bank and credit card validation add-ons to ensure your data is clean.
  • Adaptable. Can be customised to you and your team’s needs by our experienced developers.
Kevin Bennett

“SmartTELETHON has made a big impact! As it integrates with Blackbaud Payments and all the telethon income is instantly saved in Raiser’s Edge, it makes taking and analysing gifts very easy.”

Kevin Bennett
Chief Operating Officer, Premier Christian Communications
Islamic relief

“SmartTELETHON: The donation page is working very well and we’ve been able to improve our donation processing time and level of customer service with regards to receipt acknowledgements.”

Shaheryar Ullah
Islamic Relief UK
Tom Miller photo

“We were thrilled to see how SmartTHING seamlessly incorporated the existing look and feel of our website into our donation forms. The design process has greatly improved our donor journey.”

Tom Miller
Team Leader Marketing Services, Berry Street
Mike Drew, East Cheshire Hospice

“I would not hesitate in recommending SmartSTORE as a seamless integration between BlackBaud NetCommunity and Raisers’ Edge.”

Mike Drew
ICT Manager, East Cheshire Hospice

Integrate your database

A key feature of your website is integration with your database, whether this is Blackbaud’s Raiser’s Edge (RE) or Raiser’s Edge NXT.

Online Express is an easy solution for pulling information in; however, you lose a lot in terms of user experience, specifically user accounts and a feeling for the user that they belong within your organisation. This need not be the case. SmartTHING can help you gain this integration with our off-the-shelf and custom-built solutions.

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