Donation Widgets and our Winter Campaign 2014

Today we start our Winter 2014 Campaign. We are offering new products that will help Christmas and New Year campaigns, giving money off on SmartGMAIL & SmartOUTLOOK365, and the free downloads SmartPASTE, and SmartSPEEDUP.


For December 2, we would like you to know about SmartDONATE.

SmartDONATE can increase overall donations on NetCommunity by making the whole donation process easier, and more widely available.

  • Add donation widgets that bring users straight to your donation page
  • Simplify the donation process for website users
  • Link to a single donation form and default the appeal, amount and gift type
  • Ideal for your homepage
  • Low cost and installs in seconds

Can even be installed if you are already running a campaign.

Contact us if you would like to know more.

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