Which of your campaigns are really working? Find out with SmartTRACK

Are you getting the full picture?

Which of your fundraising campaigns and adverts are really working? Find out with SmartTRACK.

SmartTRACK integrates Google Analytics, Facebook pixel, Bing tracking, Floodlight and Flash Tracking seamlessly into your Blackbaud websites.

With SmartTRACK you can find out how many of your potential donors convert (actually give to the organisation) and how many do not. This is added to the existing demographics, journey analysis and other features in your analytics system.

How does it work?

Every online transaction can be tracked with SmartTRACK. So now you can get a full picture of your users and how much revenue they contribute through which different channels.

Example scenario

You have created a Facebook advert. You probably want to know the answer to these questions:

  • Who arrived at our donation page from our Facebook ad and then donated?
  • How much did this advert raise in total?
  • What is the average age of donors through this route and where are they located (country/city)?
  • Which other pages did they visit?

All this information you can find out through the use of SmartTRACK and your chosen analytics package. You can also get overall ecommerce reporting.

SmartTRACK and Google Analytics report

Make better decisions on your campaign presence, relevant advertising, investment and social network promotions.

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