Social Networks and NetCommunity – make the most of them…

The rise of social media, in its many forms, seems to have prompted many of our NetCommunity clients to say ‘I want our site to be more social’. This request usually comes from someone high up in your university or charity and it usually falls to someone else to come up with the solution. Fortunately for NetCommunity users there are many and varied ways in which you can exploit social media, your only problem will be deciding which ones you want to take advantage of.

On your website

Our team can help with any of the below tasks or your own internal support teams may be able to do so themselves. In any case we are more than happy to talk through your option so give us a call.

  • Give your users the ability to share your page with friends on their social network. This provides an excellent service which is free and tracks usage.
  • Ever wanted to add a social-based comments system? DISQUS will help you build a community of active readers and commentators through their free system.  We have a new customisation for it that allows you to extend DISQUS to allow your NetCommunity site users to automatically log in to DISQUS without needing another account – this saves time and keeps it all streamlined.
  • You can let users login and register on your site using their social account. This is standard BBNC funtionality and is easy to set up, which we can help you to do.
  • Add a Facebook or Twitter widget to you site, talk to us about how we can make this work with BBNC including HTTPS pages.
  • Get in touch and ask us how you can add our product, SmartSOCIAL for NC, which allows users to add a social account to NetCommunity and use that to login.

In Raiser’s Edge

  • Ask us about SmartSOCIAL, our highly anticipated product, which displays a LinkedIn profile next to the RE record.
  • Add social profile links to the phone types, this is easy to set-up and the SmartTHING team can assist.

Motivate your site visitors

But don’t forget that you need to get people to your site first, so to encourage them to register why not try one of these products.

    • SmartSTORE – our online store solution

As part of our Summer Campaign the following products are on special offer, so it may be just the way to kickstart your social media campaign.

    • SmartMENTOR – our mentoring platform that connects mentors and mentees
    • SmartCONTACT – a messaging system with RE tracking

If you want to discuss your requirements in more detail or would like any information about these or any of our other products then give us a call.