SmartOUTLOOK is even better…

New features for SmartOUTLOOK released including greater compatibility and bulk uploads.
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1. Greater compatibility

Great news! SmartTHING can now integrate ALL Blackbaud databases, no matter how you access them, with all versions of Outlook.

Whichever Raiser’s Edge version you have and whatever route you use, we have it covered. SmartOUTLOOK works for NXT web, NXT Database view and old school Raiser’s Edge v7.93 onwards.

We integrate with all versions of Outlook: 2010, 13, 16, 365, Live mail and Outlook online.

2. Internet Explorer supported

A while back, we provided Chrome web browser integration of OUTLOOK web edition and RE NXT.

Some clients told us they still wished to use Internet Explorer though, so we listened and now they can: SmartOUTLOOK for Raiser’s Edge NXT accessed through Internet Explorer web browser is now available.

3. Bulk uploads

New feature ideal for busy database managers and fundraisers. Now you can bulk upload emails from a folder in Outlook to a record in RE. So you can tidy emails in Outlook and then upload them in one go.

4. SmartOUTLOOK still has these great features:

  • One click recording. A simple click and your email is copied into Raiser’s Edge ready for you to edit and save.
  • It’s secure. Email data doesn’t leave your network so your IT guys can relax – no need to set up exchange servers just for Raiser’s Edge.
  • Local installation. SmartOUTLOOK can be installed on your computer and works with hosted or locally installed Raiser’s Edge.
  • Time saver. Enables your whole team to save emails quickly to your database.
  • Keeps data clean. SmartOUTLOOK stops errors being entered into your Blackbaud database when recording emails, preventing costly data cleaning down the line.
  • Adaptable. SmartOUTLOOK can be pre-configured for your entire team.

Go to our webpage for demos and more information.

Or get in touch to start using it today:

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