Are you ready for GDPR? Make your online forms GDPR compliant now!

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Feeling unprepared for the new preference regulations that are coming in next year?
You’re not alone.

Let us help you prepare for next May’s deadline with SmartGDPR. This simple tool is an important part of getting GDPR ready by making your online forms GDPR compliant.


SmartGDPR is compatible with Blackbaud’s Online Express, NetCommunity and Internet Solutions, and it covers donation, event registration, user registration and profile forms.

One of GDPR’s requirements is that online contact preferences on your forms are not defaulted: SmartGDPR helps you to start collecting specific consent from your users about how they want to be contacted.

SmartGDPR also helps you with another GDPR requirement – it can link your forms to your privacy policy and terms and conditions, helping you meet GDPR guidelines about providing clear privacy and terms and conditions statements.

What else does it do?

All the provided information goes into your Blackbaud RE, RE NXT or BBCRM database through your usual Blackbaud plugins. So preference info for each new contact is safely stored, as per the regulations.

Start getting ready for GDPR: trial SmartGDPR now.

And now see it in action…

Example form
GDPR-compliant form example

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