Pssst! Speed up NetCommunity and Internet Solutions for free

Woohoo! Now you can speed up your Blackbaud NetCommunity and Internet Solutions absolutely FREE.

Totally unaffiliated with SmartTHING is a free service you can use for this: Uptime Robot. We have, until now, been supplying users with our free SmartSPEEDUP product but, given the great service from Uptime, we have stopped supplying SmartSPEEDUP.

Uptime Robot can monitor your website, alter it if it is down and also speed it up for you. Pinging your website every 5 minutes, Uptime Robot will ensure you are not ‘uncached’. This means that the next person that comes to your site will not have to wait for it to recache, i.e. to load up all the information again.

To help everyone out below are some simple steps to get you up and running.

I must stress once again – SmartTHING get no profit or benefits from this service other than making sure you are getting a better NetCommunity experience.

Here’s how you set it up:

1. Register on Uptime Robot – here
2. To setup a super simple website page monitor, visit your dashboard on Uptime Robot.
3. Click the green ‘+ Add New Monitor’ button.
4. Select ‘Monitor Type’ as ‘Keyword’.
5. Give your monitor a ‘Friendly Name’ so you know which one it is.
6. Type in your NetCommunity or BBIS website URL.
7. Type in your Keyword: a keyword, in this context, means some piece of text that you would expect to be there if your website was working. This would normally be a word on your home page – if the word is not there, your site is probably broken.
8. Click ‘Keyword Exists’ button.
9. Set up a monitor interval.
10. Click the blue ‘Create Monitor’ and you’re done!

To setup your email address for alerts – visit your Uptime Robot Settings. If needed, you can then create new monitors and check the status of all of your created monitors. What’s more, there are different types of monitors – see Uptime Robot for other options.

Aaannnndddd… happy dance.

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