Analytics and country-specific forms for Online Express

SmartTHING have created lots of tools to help Online Express work better for you. Our latest two simple and economical tools are a simple tracking tool (SmartTRACK OLX) and a part to enable country-specific forms (SmartCOUNTRY OLX).

As you know, we’ve been creating lots of tools to help our clients who are moving across to Online Express. Click on the button to view our previous blog about Online Express tools. Then read on to learn about our two latest tools:


Find out how your supporters are getting to your donation page with SmartTRACK OLX.

SmartTRACK OLX uses Google Analytics and Facebook Tracking to track your supporters’ conversion rates with Online Express. In other words, discover which of your adverts and promotions are generating income – simple but effective analytics.

This small, economical part is easily self-installed through our custom OLX deployment tool.

Google Analytics
Facebook Pixel logo


This simple patch ensures that Online Express forms show gift aid boxes only to donors whose address is in the UK.

You can also have donation forms per country with the option to default and hide the country field on OLX donation forms. In other words this means you can have both a US and a UK form on your website. It’s another simple tool but it really broadens the usability of OLX forms.

Improve your user experience with SmartCOUNTRY OLX.

Gift aid logo
Your own ideas of improvements for OLX

If you have any suggestions of tweaks to or additional functionality for OLX, please do get in touch. Most likely, our team can build it and deliver it within days.

For more information on Online Express tools, visit our web page Get in touch to start using these tools today:

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