Magic Links PLUS for Online Express, NetCommunity and Internet Solutions

SmartDONATE: make donating quick and easy for your donors with our low cost add-on. Works with Blackbaud Online Express, NetCommunity and Internet Solutions.

Magic links PLUS for Online Express, BBNC and BBIS donation forms

SmartDONATE is a very low cost add-on that enables you to use donation landing pages and widgets with Blackbaud donation forms.

How do you use it?

Below is an example of a widget utilising SmartDONATE to connect to an Online Express donation form, making the process quick, easy and visibly attractive for your donors:

Key details:

You can link from your widget or landing page, where the user has chosen gift type, amount, campaign and other features, directly to your Blackbaud donation form with all those details pre-filled.

SmartDONATE goes one step beyond the magic links that some of Blackbaud’s products support. As well as supporting widgets, it also allows you to specify defaults for any field AND dynamically generate amount ask buttons and more.

SmartDONATE is now available for Online Express, NetCommunity and Internet Solutions.

If you want us to help design you a widget or landing page, we can help there too – just chat to our team:

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