Happy Christmas from the SmartTHING team!

SmartTHING want to help improve your Blackbaud experience. Happy Christmas from SmartTHING. See our charity nomination results.

picture of the SmartTHING team

2016 was another busy year for SmartTHING: We helped over 200 clients, worked on 390 projects, launched 20 new products and improved many of our existing products. We also attended our first US bbcon conference.

Our team was expanded further to give you an even better service – welcome to Harry and to Emma Lund.

We’re looking forward to hitting 2017 hard – with a launch in Blackbaud hosting of several of our products, and by continuing to convert our products to support RE NXT, Blackbaud CRM and Online Express.

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year.

Warren Sherliker
The SmartTHING

Play our free Christmas game:

Most importantly, we would like to thank our clients for their business this year. Warren is too busy to create a Christmas game for you to waste the last hours of 2016 on, but here’s one from the past:

Play our free SmartFLAPPY Xmas game

We’re giving away our money

Like many of our clients, we have strong views! We think that businesses should give money to worthy causes at Christmas rather than spending it on paper and card. Therefore, rather than sending Christmas cards this year, we are donating the money to charity.

Thank you to everyone who nominated a charity: the selected charity is Imagine Independence (‘helping people with mental health issues and other challenges to lead a full and independent life’).

Opening hours

Our Christmas and New Year hours are:
Closed from Thursday 22nd December. Reopening on Tuesday 3rd January.

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