Give your alumni or school partners even more reasons to donate: SmartSTORE makes NetCommunity and BBIS into an online shop.

Our clients who have SmartSTORE already know how quick and easy it is to set up a shop on their NetCommunity site. SmartSTORE is highly customisable, mobile and tablet friendly and easy to update; no IT support is needed. Depending on which modules you choose, it can often be installed without IT support too.

What’s more, all purchases are taken through your PCI compliant Blackbaud payment system which means they flow back into Raiser’s Edge or BBCRM exactly like all your other online payments.

It comes with all the normal add-ons:

    • Product images, descriptions and attributes
    • Top up donations
    • Further information overlays
    • Supports free and paid for products
    • Shopping basket or one-off purchases

Easier fundraising with SmartSTORE. Contact us today at SmartTHING for more information.

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