Getting the most from SmartTHING

We’re thrilled that you have found a SmartTHING product to help you make the best use of NetCommunity or Raiser’s Edge. Before you get started, it’s worth making some basic checks to ensure your team is ready to get the most out of the product.

We can give you the very best level of support for our products if you follow a few simple steps first:

  • Has your team been trained on the basic usage of NetCommunity? We recommend Blackbaud training courses – see for the range of online courses available.
  • Does your team need any training on aspects of NC that link to the Raiser’s Edge, including queries, roles, email lists and attributes etc? Although we can provide training on specific Raiser’s Edge elements at charge, Blackbaud also have an excellent range of training courses.
  • Check that your IT team can solve any installation issues specific to your internal IT set-up.

Are you concerned that there are gaps in your team’s knowledge of these platforms? If so, we are very happy to offer independent advice to highlight training issues in your team.

This does not affect your training needs for our new products. In fact, for each product, we offer a 3-hour training session to ensure that your team gets the most out of our products, and that you get value for money.

Contact us if you want SmartTHING to give you a full independent evaluation of your team’s training needs.

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