Everyone loves our OUTLOOK and GMAIL integrations for Blackbaud products…

We’re feeling pretty loved up at the moment because of the great response to SmartGMAIL and SmartOUTLOOK. Here’s what people are saying…

‘SmartGMAIL has increased efficiency… saving us time and money, and most importantly, ensuring necessary information is added to donor records seamlessly.’ – National Geographic Society

‘Quick and easy to install, incredibly user friendly and with minimum fuss configuration, SmartOUTLOOK proved to be the answer to our problem.’ – University College Cork

‘SmartGMAIL has helped me to cut the time it takes me to record incoming and outgoing email for my donors, to keep track of my interactions with donors and to improve the quality of our data overall.’ – belong to

If you’re not already using one of SmartTHING’s email solutions, sign up for a free 30-day trial now. See what all the fuss is about. Or for more information, go to SmartGMAIL or SmartOUTLOOK

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