Accept PayPal donations with SmartPAYMENTS

SmartPAYMENTS enables you to accept PayPal payments whilst retaining all the functionality of Blackbaud's standard donation and event registration forms.

Accept PAYPAL payments through your Blackbaud donation and event registration forms

Our SmartPAYMENTS product, which enables PayPal payments, is now improved: quicker to install, cheaper and even more compatible.

Use it with Blackbaud’s Online Express, NetCommunity and Internet Solutions websites to increase your donor options.

See SmartPAYMENTS in action below – on a NetCommunity website.

SmartPAYMENTS accept PayPal donations

Key details:

SmartPAYMENTS enables you to integrate PayPal whilst letting you retain all the functionality of Blackbaud’s standard donation and event registration forms.

With SmartPAYMENTS, you can offer additional payment options alongside Blackbaud Merchant Services.

If you want help with your donation form design, we can do that too. Just take a look at a recent example:

Get in touch to see what we can do for you.

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