SmartPAYMENTS enables you to integrate PayPal, Stripe and many other leading payment providers with your Blackbaud platforms

SmartPAYMENTS features

Application details

SmartPAYMENTS enables you to use BB Checkout (in telephone order mode), PayPal, Stripe (in both end user and telephone order mode) and many other leading payment providers while retaining all the functionality of Blackbaud’s NetCommunity, Internet Solutions and Online Express standard donation and event registration forms.
  • Drop SmartPAYMENTS onto a page containing the Blackbaud part, and it intercepts the normal process at the point of payment; whereupon it integrates with the payment provider without the user being taken away from your website.
  • It takes payment and then returns the transaction token and submits the normal Blackbaud part. The data goes straight into your database through the normal Blackbaud integration (OLX Plugin, BBNC plugin or Web Transactions area of BBCRM).
Because it is fully integrated into NetCommunity, Online Express and Internet Solutions, SmartPAYMENTS allows you to use their complex features such as logged-in user field autofill, anonymous donations, linked funds, appeals, giving amounts, event tickets and much more.
  • Your payment provider handles PCI DSS compliance and all data is communicated over SSL links.
  • Payment details including transaction references go straight into your database and to your payment provider of choice. No imports or third party tools involved.


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