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About Us

Our products, consultancy services and membership schemes provide innovative and cost effective ways of supporting you. We help you make the best and most efficient use of your NetCommunity site or Raiser’s Edge database. 

Our Skills

Raiser's Edge reviews, plugins, training & support
NetCommunity development, designs and training
Mobile apps and design
Social Networking

A Little About Us

  • We provide great customer service
  • We can tailor our services to meet your needs
  • Wide product knowledge including BBCRM and BBIS
  • 20 years consulting experience
  • 8 years supporting Blackbaud products with not for profits organisations

Meet our team

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  • SmartSURVEY

    SmartSURVEY enables you to create quick and secure online surveys that put information straigh...
  • SmartNETCOMMUNITY: eCards

    SmartNETCOMMUNITY: eCards
    Improves the user experience when using their NetCommunity eCards part. Removes unnecessary step...
  • SmartNETCOMMUNITY: Banner

    SmartNETCOMMUNITY: Banner
    Make contact with logged in users via a configurable banner at the top of your web page. NetCo...
  • SmartNETCOMMUNITY: Accordion

    SmartNETCOMMUNITY: Accordion
    Make your page more user friendly by contracting a list of items or tasks. Each task or ite...
  • SmartNETCOMMUNITY: Donate

    SmartNETCOMMUNITY: Donate
    Add donation widgets that bring users straight to your donation page Simplify the donation ...

    A NetCommunity addon that auto-completes international and UK addresses. Powered by Postco...

      A quick and easy sign up process. For website and newsletter sign ups Works wi...
  • SmartNETCOMMUNITY: Bank Validation

    SmartNETCOMMUNITY: Bank Validation
    Automatically and speedily check the validity of your customer's bank number and sort code bef...
  • SmartQ&A

    SmartQ&A seamlessly adds a step to event registration, donation, and other NetCommunity for...
  • SmartLOTTERY

    SmartLOTTERY is a NetCommunity plugin which allows you to run a raffle online. Informatio...

     SmartTRANSLATE is unique as it translates the whole of your NetCommunity website into any lang...
  • SmartCONTACT

    SmartCONTACT is an instant messaging system, similar to Facebook, that works within NetCommu...

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