FAQs / Windows 7 gives ‘did you press any keys…’ warning

When using either SmartGMAIL or SmartOUTLOOK on Windows 7 some users are reporting this warning message when they are logging on to email in Raiser’s Edge.

Did you press any keys to interrupt the process? If so, try again after closing the action. If the problem persist try increasing the ‘Window open wait’ setting.

Even changing the Window open wait setting does not help.

The solution is to make sure Raiser’s Edge is already on the records tab and not the Home or Exports page. You can then use the tool as normal. We are looking into the cause and should have a patch out shortly for both products but in the meantime this ensures the tool is fully functional.

If you are still having problems see this post: When adding an email to RE I get “Did you press any keys to interrupt the process?”

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